Prades Mountains, Catalonia

“Aboriginal people learned from their stories that a society must not be human-centred but rather land centred, otherwise they forget their source and purpose…humans are prone to exploitative behaviour if not constantly reminded they are interconnected with the rest of creation, that they as individuals are only temporal in time, and past and future generations must be included in their perception of their purpose in life” C. Morris

“Through us, Gaia has seen herself from space, and begins to know her place in the universe.” James Lovelock

All of humanity needs Ecopsychology. I don’t mean that everyone needs to go to a therapist (there aren’t enough therapists anyway!). I mean that we all need to develop an Earth-based consciousness, an identity firmly rooted in the living processes of the Earth that some call Gaia.

Humanity’s psychological structure needs to be fully integrated into and informed by its place within Gaia, existing as a natural extension of our planet’s life, and all of the things that the human mind creates; societies, cities, cultures, technologies, sciences, religions and arts. All these need to become orientated towards evolving with Gaia, though certainly not to become enslaved to her in a way akin to Star Trek’s Borg or, less fictional, brainwashing cults or societies. I believe that individuality can be aligned with Gaia without being lost and that a person can have their individual thoughts and feelings without being in conflict with the world.

Ecopsychology, for me, is about training our humanity to serve not only ourselves but also the wider world on which our existence depends, where human consciousness is so much a part of Gaia, that it can be considered the conscious aspect of Gaia. All of our qualities are a part of the system within which we exist and evolve, something that should inform all of our attitudes and behaviours.

Evolution can no longer be considered an isolated action but a collective action, where all organisms, their qualities and the systems they inhabit, are part of a coevolving whole. The human mind’s evolution and of everything it creates is a part of, not apart from, this coevolving whole, our living planet, Gaia.