“Faeries love going to school, because they really enjoy learning new things they didn’t know before. And here, at the Little Forest, they don’t just learn all kind of things, but they learn how to learn. It looks an ideal school to me!” Mika “Fairy-Friend” my girlfriend.

“It was around Samhain, and the Old Forest was going into its wintery sleep. We collected acorns, to take them back to Spain. Mika told me “Look! …A forest in my pocket!” And we laughed about that.” The Wizard of Lothlorien

I don’t work alone. This is my own blog with my own thoughts, but that doesn’t mean it walks alone. No, indeed! This blog walks side-by-side, hand-in-hand as part of the Earth Sanctuary.

We are a bunch of bloggers! We do have a collective blog; http://lothloriennemeton.wordpress.com/ but that’s been inactive since we’re so busy working on our individual blogs. You can read them independent from each other, or as a part our collective work at the Earth Sanctuary.

From our very own Wizard (of Lothlorien) you can get much artistic, witty, intelligent and moving blogging here; http://earthsanctuary.wordpress.com

My dear girlfriend, Mika, has “Creations From the Heart” where you can see how fairies live. I’m one of the few people that have seen the marvels of her creations coming into being. I’m particularly fond of the fairy school, why couldn’t I have gone to a school like that ?!  http://fferylltales.wordpress.com

Happy Blogging!