K, just K

“Don’t quote me… ever. I am not some dead old bit of liturgy or doctrine to be repeated endlessly.” Attributed to K (well, misquoted, by me,  I made it up. But it’s close enough to what he was always saying and yes, he was sometimes known as just “K”)

Leave him alone, he’s dead already! He’s lived his life. He’s said what he needed to say to us. There’s no more. Don’t spend hours pouring over his words, categorising, systemising or ordering them.

Take his words and understand them, experience them. If you can’t understand or experience them then maybe they’re not for you. His words were not ideas to aspire to but bits of light to be inspired by and live. And if the light is absorbed into life, the words and who spoke them can be forgotten.

Do not revere a life beyond itself as an object of worship, as a system of thought, as an ideal to aspire to. It should be respected as a vessel of experience for a person, that belongs to no other. And when it has ended, it should not be forced to live beyond its limits or defined by  institutions. It has lived and experienced. It should be left to rest. It is our turn to live and experience, and build upon what has been lived and experienced before us. We are now.

Didn’t he say all this? It doesn’t matter, I’m saying it now.

Note: I have used this man’s quotes before, and probably will do again. I don’t mean to use his words or the words of others as doctrine. It’s me that speaks here, my words, my thoughts. The words of others are only here to emphasise my own. And I have to give credit where credit is due, or rather, where credit is not due. I speak for me, another speaks for themselves and sometimes what we say connects.

Quotes are seeds; if they grow in the Grove they become part of the life of the Grove. If not, they are lost under the leaf mulch and soil, becoming part of the Grove as nutrients to feed what lives.