“The world is pregnant with God.” Angela of Foligno

“What good is it to me if Mary gave birth to the Son of God hundreds of years ago, if I do not give birth to the Son of God in my time and my culture? We are all meant to be Mothers of God, for God is always needing to be born.” Meister Eckhart


“Truth is no theory; no speculative system of philosophy, no intellectual insight. Truth is exact correspondence with reality. For man, truth is the unshakeable knowledge of his real nature, his Self.” Paramhansa Yogananda


“Few know how to help themselves when they are beset by misfortune. Bound by fate, humanity runs an endless circle of sorrow. Their grim companion is disunity from themselves. Father Zeus, free them from these great sufferings and show every one of them the Genius who is their guide.” Pythagoras


“On this planet, we are probably the creatures most capable of perceiving and responding to God’s vision of a different, better world. God’s primary avenue for liberation is through responsive human hearts. We can wait for supernatural miracles, or we can roll up our sleeves with God and get to work.” C. Robert Mesle


 I couldn’t help it with the quotes, they’re all so good.

A poem this time. Please enjoy…


God, cause of causes,

Origin of the long string of history.

History, the steady, stable, unvarying chain of events;

Cause and effect;

The wheel of consequences;



But history is not really like that,

It is not a clock to be wound up,

To work until it breaks down.

It is more creative than that,

More organic.


Within history God secretly planted seeds of his plan,

A cause that transcends history’s chain of events.

It is the soul in touch with God,

Its purest essence,

Its purest Self;



A soul is born as a baby,

As pure Self,

As pure Dharma.

It has no karma.


From this moment on

It can become enslaved by karma;

Imposed on it by the world,

Or liberated by Dharma;

Unfolding from deep within the soul.


Am I a passive product of the world

Or a willing vessel of creativity in it?

Is my life journey one of karma or Dharma?


I am not just a “son of,” product of my parents.

I am not just a “citizen of,” product of my society.

I have something beyond history’s chain of events,

A potential deep within going back to the origin of the Universe,

Pervading the Universe.


Everyone has this potential,

But few awaken to it,

Remaining bound to the chain of events,

Being just products of their conditions.

They are buried beneath the compost of karma

And do not allow Dharma to grow from it.


I awaken from the dream of karma,

I awaken to pure Life,

And I follow my Dharma.