In a forest of words, there is a grove of quotes…
…The Grove of Quotes.
I have always loved nature, it was influential in my career choice and spirituality. I studied agriculture and wildlife conservation in Sussex, England, have been involved with various conservation volunteer groups in Sussex and Kent and worked in gardening too. I have been following a nature-based path since 2000 (during college), going through an extremely experimental Pagan phase, being involved with a few groups and actively organising some events and meetings. After much soul-searching and experimenting I settled down and found that my soul’s destiny led me to Spain where I live and work here at The Earth Sanctuary.

The Lothlorien Nemeton Grove is an OBOD affiliated Grove, the Druidic aspect of the Earth Sanctuary, of which I’m a member.

I study Psychosynthesis with Will Parfitt and I’m on the OBOD course. Also I’m busily working on the ecological aspect of The Earth Sanctuary; Biosphere 2030 As well as sharing my poetry through The Blackbird’s Perch.

The Grove of Quotes is my efforts to communicate my ideas and realisations. Within it you will find ideas relating to Ecopsychology, Druidry, Psychosynthesis, Environmentalism, Gaian worldview, amongst other things.

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