Earth from Apollo 17

Earth from Apollo 17

“Think globally, act locally.” Anon (attributed to various)


I was talking on a message board, talking about the Earth and what we can do about it. And then someone told me that everything I was saying was “nice” but wasn’t realistic, a bit too idealistic. I wondered why, because for me I was talking about very real subjects with very real implications. The energy in the words was very real for me.

It’s difficult to talk about global things when people are so entrenched in their local lives. For some, a global vision of things seems a bit too detached from an individual’s life. I mean, if you can’t directly deal with it “why bother?” say some.

Then there are others who get too overwhelmed by it all. I had that feeling recently when I read Battle for the Planet. There are so many issues in the world that one person can’t possibly resolve all of those. So yes, it is overwhelming. But then I set out in myself to resolve something at least, even if just inside myself.

The book gave me a vision of everything that has to be done on Earth, so I had the “Think globally” resolved. But without some balance, I’d be overwhelmed. That’s where the “Act locally” comes in, something I think really balances it out. Without it we’d be crushed under the weight of such responsibility. Think globally, Act locally says, “yes the world is the responsibility of each individual, but only take as much as you can handle.”

I’m a global realist, it’s pragmatism as if the world mattered. Although I can’t take responsibility for the whole planet, I can take responsibility of it in my local life, and it works!