“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children” David Brower

“Everyone alive is descended from somebody smart enough to survive the past. But you must not worship your ancestors. The sole purpose of your ancestors’ existence was your life. And the sole purpose of your life is your offsprings’.” Stephen Baxter, Mammoth

“The future enters into us in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” Rilke

The Ancestors worked for me, they worked to develop and manifest their wisdom; their experiences of the past and visions of the future, that have been past to me, not as a finished product, but as a work in progress. It is now my duty, not to my Ancestors but to my Descendants, to carry on this work, to have a vision of the world, of where it is and where it is going, and be a midwife to the future.

To honour the Ancestors, with thanks I take up the work that they did for the good of me and carry it even further. But to honour the Descendants I must fulfill for them what my Ancestors worked to fulfill for me. It is my Descendants’ expectations that I must live up to, not my Ancestors’, because it is my Descendants that will inhererit all the good and bad legacies of my life, it is they who will have to deal with the consequences or opportunites that I have to give to them, not my Ancestors.

My Ancestors; parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc, are answerable to me as though I were a boss to them. So I ask them, “I am your future incarnated, what can you say you’ve done for me, the Descendants and for the future of the world?”
And in turn, my Descendants will ask the same of me and I aspire to reach a point where I can rightfully say “I have done well for you my Descendants, now do well for your Descendants.”