“The grove is the centre of their whole religion.” Tacitus
He’s talking about druids of course. I have a druidic streak in me, hence the GROVE of Quotes lol. I thought “maybe I could explain the concept of Grove and make it official and all that.” But noooo! I don’t think I need to. If you really need to, you can always look up wikipedia, or somewhere on the net! Just know this; I like nature, I like trees, groves are sort of open air church-library-universities for Druids. Nuff said! 😀

BTW, the picture is a Grove in the making 😉

Haysden Country Park, Tonbridge, Kent

“A short saying often contains much wisdom.” Sophocles

This is the quote that defines this blog, at least its form. I can be inspired by a quote and write something about the subject or I can write about something and find the quote that really helps focus what I’m saying. But it doesn’t really define the philosophy, or philosophies, that I talk from. Saying things that are “my view” (and it is) doesn’t help because I could be experimenting with any view whatsoever; from cake baking to the Apocalypse, without regards to where I’m coming from or going! Although all of this is my view, and I’m not using it to represent anything else, I live in a larger world that I exist as part of and can’t just write these blogs as though I come from out of nowhere or “out of the blue”…
So, I want to start this blog afresh, and give it some sort of focus. Then a quote inspired me (surprise surprise!)…
“We are not living on the Earth, we are part of how it lives.” David Richo
Aha! There we have it.
I want this blog to be a part of how the Earth, Gaia, lives, because humans emerged and are evolving within Gaia, as do all of the views that we hold, (and even if they sound unGaian, they still cannot exist without her!). Whatever we do is a part of Gaia, not apart from her, whatever I talk about, the sense, the orientation, of these blogs is Gaian, even if I never actually mention Gaia or planetary scale ecosystems in the Grove of Quotes.
My views might sound Christian, Pagan, Ecopsychological, Psychosynthetic, Environmentalist, or Humanist because all of these have influenced my way of thinking. But they are all Gaian, they are all Gaia, because they originated within Gaia and are sustained by her… so long as humans are honourable and work to the benefit of our living home.