“Think globally, act locally”
Again this pops up. It’s because I’ve realized there are more dimensions to it than geographical. I think also there are historical dimensions to it. Thinking globally is looking at the global situation and acting locally is applying its implications to your life. But also we can say “Think historically, act in the present”. That is look at the history of things, both the events of the past and the possibilities of the future, because these too have implications on how we are living now.
Maybe we can say “Think globally and historically, act locally and in the present,” except that that is too much of a mouthful and not catchy enough.
Maybe we can say “Think transpersonally, act personally.” It’s nice and short, and encapsualtes the historical/global and local/present; however, people may not be too familiar with the term transpersonal.
I think “think globally, act locally” is good enough. Plenty of people know it, it’s catchy and has been for several decades. But now we know it doesn’t just reach around the globe but also into the past and the future, acknowledging where we have been and where we may be going.